Vip Program

Here at Sunrise Slots, every member has been hand-picked by our VIP staff as an elite VIP player, including you. Because of this, we have created a multi-tiered VIP program that offers the unmatched, customized treatment that a player like you deserves.

As a Sunrise Slots VIP, you are entitled to:

Generous Rewards and Benefits:

Including a progressive boost on your comp point value, special gift items from your VIP host, up to 50% insurance on your deposits, and more.

Experience True VIP Treatment:

Your personal VIP host works non-stop to cater to your every gaming need and/or desire. We strive to make your every visit a delight.

Access to VIP-Only Specials:

Being a member of Sunrise Slot already entitles you to special treatment, and exclusive access to top-tier rewards and specials available to no one else. As you move up through the Sunrise Slot VIP Program, your benefits and rewards will get better and better.

If you have not vet spoken with your personal VIP Host(ess), Contact Us to meet him/her today.